Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Silver Future (Monster Magnet)

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My love of Monster Magnet stretches well back into the last millennium, and some elements of this song -- such as the unsettling, claustrophobically restrained verse juxtaposed against the balls-out testosterone of the stadium chorus -- are epitomic of their work. So is the mastery with which the song's dynamics build to its glittering metal crescendo.

Overall, though, what appeals to me most is the sense of being at the threshold of something monumental and brilliant. Interestingly, silver is not the most precious imaginable adjective, yet the conviction and bombast with which Wyndorf delivers his prophecy make it clear that for the speaker, this is the best future imaginable. It has an unearthly, fantastical beauty about it, like cities of tomorrow depicted in sci-fi magazines from half a century ago.

I often have the impression that music is acting as a vehicle for information from the divine. I have chosen this song as the first in its series because of its powerful message: I stand at the edge of a silver future, and before me is the best of all possible worlds.

In the reality of my life, the construction of this website has been a grisly, exhausting and blood-soaked battle. Now that I finally have a place to land in the vast infinity of the virtual world, I feel as if I am finally ready to take that decisive leap forward.

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