Thursday, 20 December 2012

You Can Fly (MAMS)

In no small part because of the associated vid, this song really captivated me. It evokes with such precision and accuracy, what it feels like to be in the grip of freeform aerobaric wildness. I've never tried the flyboard experience, but I've certainly pulled Gs in a stunt plane, and believe me, this sounds like how that feels.

What inflamed me further was trying to locate a first-rate copy of the song so I could buy it. Despite exhaustive efforts, I had no success, however I have emailed the people behind the flyboard film and perhaps they will be able to help me.

There is little else I can say about this song. There is nothing particularly amazing about it lyrically or musically, but it is so gripping nonetheless that I have been looping it continuously. At the time of writing, I’ve listened to it more than 50 times today. Its message, also, is one I warm to: it urges one to take responsibility for one's own fulfilment, to go ahead decisively and aim for the greatest high achievable. And that, I think, is a sentiment worth sharing.

For me, this song is a visceral moment of pure artistic expression; perhaps it will inspire you with a sense of flight also.

Check it out on SoundCloud

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  1. Just found a vid... and immediately started to look up what song is it and found your blog ;) Indeed, nothing really new of stunning, but kind of touching and just simply really really powerful...